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Residential Pest Control

Our customizable pest control programs take care of roaches, ants, silverfish, rats, mice, bed bugs and a host of other insects as well as non-insects such as spiders and scorpions. These programs can be set up on a monthly, quarterly or every other month service, whatever suits your needs.

We also offer other pest services for additional fees:

pest free home

Termites (Call for a free inspection and consultation)



Fleas: Inside and Out

Caribbean Crazy Ants

Wood Destroying Ants

Fire Ants




Bed Bugs

Animal Trapping

*One time services come with a 30 day guarantee.

Lawn Care

bug free green lawn

The Bug Man Company offers lawn fertilization, weed and insect control programs.

Keeping your lawn fed with the proper percentage of nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus at specific times of the year will produce a beautiful green and lush lawn. We can also eliminate lawn damaging insects such as chinch bugs, grub worms and mole crickets.

These insects can severely damage or destroy a lawn possibly making it necessary to re-sod which can be very costly.

Commercial Pest Control Service

The last thing you need to worry about is pest control when you have more important things to think about. We understand the threat that pest can have on your business when it comes to your customers and employees. We offer a full line of commercial services to fit your specific needs. With one of our pest management programs in place, we can greatly reduce this threat. Our indoor chemicals leave no embarrassing visible odor or residue.

Industrial Pest Control Service

The Bug Man Company has over 20 years’ of hands on experience with Oil Field Service Companies as well as Chemical, Plastics and Manufacturing Facilities. These facilities have ongoing pest control needs including all types of insects, spiders, rodents, birds, snakes, hogs, wild animals and feral cats. The Bug Man Company can design a program to fit your specific needs.

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